French Style

beauty salon

The «French Style» Beauty Studio is an adaptation of ​​the modernized beauty industry, personified. Here, your style, beauty and, most importantly, safety along with hygiene, is taken care of.
Essentials are present for our clients, and with the help of our outstanding and fast personnel, time is not an issue for our busy clients. Hand care, accompanied with hair and face care, is part of the services provided here.

Our personnel, makes use of the latest techniques in this modernized beauty field and, they undergo regularly, specific advanced training to master innovative styles. We work with only professional certified pharmaceuticals: Joico (USA), ID hair, Screen, Jalid, Polish from Gloss.



  • Haircuts (Female, Male and Children)
  • Hairstyles (styling, curling, and weaving)
  • Hair coloring / dye

Hair reconstruction

  • Keratin hair restoration
  • Mesotherapy (Hair treatment)


  • Manicure
  • Removal of gel polish
  • Covering gel polish
  • Gel extension and nail design
  • Nail plate treatment, IBX strengthening system
  • Pedicure (Female, Male)
  • Express manicure and pedicure service

SPA procedure for hands

Make up and home service


  • Correction
  • Dyeing (Coloring)
  • Permanent eyebrows
  • Long lasting eyebrow styling

Personal stylist service

  • Analysis of wardrobe
  • Shopping support
  • Color book

Injectable cosmetology

  • Consultation of specific certified specialists with many years of experience, in the field of the beauty industry
  • Deep moisturizing of the face, neck, the neckline and hands with Volite preparations. For long lasting results, 1 procedure is sufficient
  • Anti-age therapy with pharmaceutical Meso-Wharton P199, Meso-Xanthin F199 drugs that affect damaged skin cells at a genetic level
  • Restoring a bright look with pharmaceutical Mesoeye C71, namely: eliminating edema in the eye area, dark circles, and wrinkles
  • Atraumatic reduction of fat deposits on the face, control over the formation of new fat cells, unique direct activation of lymph flow by Mesosculpt C71
  • Creation of seductive lips, cheekbones and chin correction, filling of wrinkles, harmonization of face by world-class preparations of Allergan (Juvederm, Smile, Volift. Retouch, Voluma), and Teoxan (Ultimate, Clobal Action, Touch up, RHA1, RHA 2, RHA3, RHA4)
  • Reduction of sweating with pharmaceutical botulotoxin type A (Botox, Dysport)

Certificate training courses upon completion

  • Become a make-up artist for yourself (Self application)
  • Become a make-up artist capable of working in a saloon
  • Course «Basic Hair»

Organization of beauty holidays and parties

The «French Style» studio, welcomes you to come and relax, unwind from the daily chaos and receive, not only quality services, but also positive emotions.

Telephone Number: 0684258984

It’s much better for you to come once, and experience all that «French Style» studio has to offer, than for you to continue hearing about it hundreds of times. Come and see for yourselves.


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