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MetLife in the World is a 150-year history of financial reliability and stability, in which we have helped people get more out of life's opportunities. It is the largest life insurance company in the United States, with leading positions in more than 20 insurance markets in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. As we expand our presence in the global marketplace, our focus remains the same – it is nearly 100 million customers for whom we provide products and services, financial confidence and a trusted brand.

MetLife is a recognized leader in corporate insurance that combines local market knowledge with global opportunities.

MetLife is the co-founder of the MAXIS Global Benefits Network, a leading corporate insurance pool operating in more than 100 countries.

MetLife offers for companies and individual clients a wide range of insurance products, including life and health insurance, endowment, and retirement plans.

MetLife works in the markets of more than 40 countries; in half of them, the company ranks first in the ratings of insurance companies.

Financial Reliability Rating for Metropolitan Life Insurance Company:

  • Moody’s Investors Service — Aa3
  • Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services — AA-
  • A.M. Best Company, Inc. — A+
  • Fitch Ratings —AA-

Confidence in today and n the future: over 17 years of MetLife success in Ukraine.

MetLife Ukraine has firmly maintained its leadership in the Ukrainian life insurance market for the past several years. The MetLife brand has a 151-year history that began in the US, where the head office is located. In Ukraine, the company has already celebrated its 17 th anniversary. First of all, MetLife's first positions are evidenced by the number of Ukrainian citizens who insured their lives – nearly 700,000. Market share, which consistently holds by MetLife, exceeds 20%; that is, every fifth hryvnia that Ukrainians pay for life insurance is a purchase of insurance coverage from MetLife.

MetLife offers universal services, including a wide range of insurance products for individuals and comprehensive insurance programs for business:

  • life insurance
  • accident insurance
  • insurance in case of possible disability
  • insurance in case of serious health problems (stroke, heart attack, cancer)
  • women's insurance against cancer
  • critical illness insurance for children, etc.

The total amount of insurance payments made by PJSC „MetLife” from 2003 to 2018 exceeds 470 million UAH; more than 220 million UAH of these payments are life benefits on the expiry of a long-term life insurance contracts.

According to the rating magazine "Insurance Top", PJSC «MetLife» is the undisputed leader once again in such indicators:

  • the volume of insurance premiums collected by the company is 670’330’000 UAH
  • the volume of insurance premiums for life insurance endowment contracts is 591’870’000 UAH
  • the number of insured persons under life insurance endowment contracts is more than 675’000 persons.

MetLife PJSC is a member of the Ukrainian Federation of Insurance, the American Chamber of Commerce and the European Business Association.


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