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Star Look Studio – School is an unusual place where you can learn and be amazed. Here we understand the value of your time. That is why manicure, pedicure and eyelash extensions are made by three masters simultaneously in just two hours! And for those who want to learn how to create a seductive look, StarLook offers courses that are run by professionals using the best materials.

StarLookStudio is an extremely nice and cozy place, because you will get our full attention and will never feel neglected. First of all, we care about customer’s comfort.

Special recliner chairs allow our guests to relax and get the most out of express treatments.

The client can choose  3 in 1services (eyelash extension / lamination, manicure, pedicure) or 2 in 1. They significantly save time for active women who have a very busy schedule and does not have an extra hour to spend in the beauty salon.

Our skilled beauty experts work only with premium class materials. They use Luxio gel polishes (manufactured in Canada) made from 100% gel. Thanks to this the coating lasts for a long time and also strengthens the nail plate.

Manicure owners are always happy with the gloss of these gel lacquers and are not afraid to work without gloves, because the top performs better than usual. But the most important thing is that Luxio is safe and non-allergenic.

In addition to manicure and pedicure, Star Look Studio offers the following services:

Eyelash extensions

Every woman dreams of a seductive and expressive look. Extended eyelashes –  is the perfect way to achieve this. At StarLookStudio, we use jeweler’s accuracy to get the best result. We offer classic extensions, 2D and 3D extensions, 4D 5D volumetric extensions, “Hollywood”.

Women who prefer natural beauty can try eyelashes laminating procedure, that will allow to forget about twisting and using mascara for daily makeup for 1-2 months.

Eyebrow modeling

Eyebrows are extremely important, whether you are wearing makeup or not. At StarLookStudio, we perfectly create the right lines, dye eyebrows and eyelashes. We propose a high-quality long-lasting styling, which can save your time and for several months will make your  eyebrows perfect.

Powder brows

For those who are tired of correction, we offer Powder Eyebrows procedure.What it is? Often Powder Eyebrows procedure is confused with tattooing, but it’s wrong. Unlike tattooing, Powder Eyebrows procedure is almost a painless procedure, during which the master introduces the pigment into the top layer of the skin, gently smoothing it. This technique allows to hide the smallest imperfections of your brows and make them perfect.

The effect of this procedure lasts from one to three years. The procedure duration is one and a half hours. Before you begin, our master agrees with you the shape of the eyebrows, and then starts to work.

Treatment of nail plate

Everyone dreams of perfect and strong nails. It is the strengthening of powder or biogel that makes this wish come true.

Powder is a polymer powder that was originally used to eliminate tooth irregularities during filling. Now manicure masters are working with it to fill in the cracks and unevenness of the nail plate to repair the damaged surface of the nail and to prevent it from splitting.

Biogel also strengthens the nails, but under its layer the plate also has effective protection against the negative impact of the environment.

Services for men

We are pleased to provide manicure, nail polishing and eyebrow correction services for men.


The studio provides courses on extension, laminating of eyelashes, modeling eyebrows. We invite you to join individual or group training. Teachers who share professional secrets have more than five years of experience. Their students now live and work not only in Ukraine but also in Italy, Spain, Poland, the United Kingdom and the United States.

After studying, you will get an international certificate and will have an opportunity to take an internship in the studio to consolidate the skills of classical and volumetric eyelash extension. For practice we provide a workplace, disposable materials and select models. Your work will be evaluated by a master. We also help all graduates to find jobs and provide a permanent discount on the materials at StarLookStudio.


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